Excel Dashboard for QuickBooks Customer sales report

Excel Dashboard for QuickBooks Customer sales report
Item# QB1002

Product Description

Works with QuickBooks reports exported to Excel.

Excel dashboard analysis with vital analytical data that provides visibility to critical business activities and provides complete view of your company sales activities with easy-to-read interface.

The dashboard will not only analyze business total monthly performance, but will also give critical information about your top 5 customers.

This dashboard is setup to analyze current year sales activities of a business in total and by customer. The only thing that you need to do is to export a report from QuickBooks to Excel. The dashboard is pre-set to pickup necessary information from the exported data.

Important! The excel dashboard not only analyses actual data from the download, but it also evaluates the data and makes a regression analysis to provide you with a sales amount trend for the next 12 months. It predicts future values along a linear trend based on existing values automatically.

The spreadsheet is also has a forecast worksheet that will allow you to develop forecast and compare it to actual data.

The dashboard includes:

1. Monthly activity comparison of current year sales, including:
- Monthly sale activity in dollars and units ;
- Monthly sales contribution to total ;
- Average unit price ;
- Number of orders ;
- Average quantity per order ;
- Average order amount.
The analysis is pre-set to automatically highlight the highest and the lowest value type in a year. For example, it will highlight in green the highest monthly sales amount in a year and highlight in red the lowest sales amount in a year.

2. Monthly sales growth % of sales amount, sales quantity, average unit price, number of orders, average quantity per order, average order amount along with an interactive graph that combines all of the data to give you a snapshot of % growth differences.

3. Monthly Sales Analysis by Customer includes:
- Number of customers in each month ;
- Average sales amount per customer in each month ;
- Average sales quantity per customer ;
- Average number of orders per customer ;
- Data representation in Graphs

4. Top Customer of the Month Analysis gives you the name and critical information about this customer.

5. Top 5 Customer Sales Analysis provides Summary and Detail (monthly) Analysis of the company’s top 5 customers. The analysis compares their sales and other critical information to other customer sales and to the total sales overall.

6. Forecast worksheet to develop monthly sales forecast (or budget).

7. Forecast to actual comparison.

8. Regression analysis to estimate sales trend for the next 12 months.

Also you have an option to view monthly sales for all customers in Customer Summary tab.

The model is pre-set to analyze sales up to 1000 customers.

You should see it to believe how easy it now will be to analyze your sales data.

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